Vladimirska "Trams" – music video

Channel: YouTube | Production: August 2016 – December 2017

The challenge

To illustrate the nostalgic sound and feel of music by Vladimirska and to give tribute to the old trams of Cracow.

The result

From the enchantment by old trams, the streets of old Cracow and the unique sound of Vladimirska we created a video showing the imaginary world of Scotia Gilroy – nostalgic, dreamy and grounded in strong relationships.

What we did


Together with the band leader Scotia Gilroy we created a story transferring the mood of the song into a video in which we could show all the band members in action.


The scheduling of video sessions was hard – busy musicians are always on the move. Shooting took just four days but spread across late Summer to mid Winter. Scotia’s Summer couldn’t keep out the cold, the trees lost their leaves, but finally we managed to get all the footage we needed. Thanks to Cracow’s tram company we had the privilege of cruising the city back and forth with an old wooden tram, and thanks to nice people from Katowice we used an old Polish cult car (Maluch) for the band not to fit in.

Editing and FX

Each scene was first sketched out on paper and cut roughly with music. This helped us filming and made editing into a process of refining, not building from scratch. The only special effects scene is in the band’s getting on the tram. This had to fit with the rest of the video but be the most “out of place and time” element.

We’ve learned how to coordinate long shoots and make a consistent video set against all odds, and while still having fun.