We help tech companies get more clients

These days to get people to buy something you need to tell a compelling story. We translate your business model into animations and videos that let people understand your product and get to know you from your best side.


Animation and Video

Technically we produce 2D animations and record things happening in front of a video camera –and ‘so what?’ you ask. You don’t need video, you need results. What we really do is create stories that move your clients – video just happens to be the best medium to reach their heads and hearts.


We make you safer

Fast growth always comes from taking risks. The solutions we propose for your marketing needs are often brave, but we always get right to your clients needs and support your business goals. This is how we make your business safer.


Brand Strategy

To get results you don’t just need a video – you need strategy. In fact a video without thinking about strategy will most likely be just wasted money. That is why we always start with the bigger picture, helping you create a strategy for your marketing messaging.

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They trusted us:

Our process

We know how to get great results as smoothly as possible. You are involved at important stages but we treat your time as the most valuable resource – we keep it short and on point.



Get to know you

Working closely with you, we get to know the ins and outs of your business. We learn about your products/services and who your clients are. Most importantly: we learn about your goals and vision of growth. We also learn about your competition and alternative solutions, to know your market context.



Decide what to do

When we know enough about your business, we think how can we help your brand grow. We boil it down to key insights that let us formulate and validate creative guidelines for a video. In the end we deliver a prioritized roadmap for your messaging that is precisely aligned with your business milestones – now your messaging can really start to work!

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Do it!

Now when we know what (and why, and when) needs to be done, we go and do it. We dive into our drawing boards, turn the cameras on and soon you have a video ready to meet your customers. If more than a video needs to be done, we will not abandon you – don’t worry! While our expertise stems from filmmaking, we often coordinate other digital and print work to help your brand strategy be executed just right.

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