Krakuer Haus – animated film festival trailer

Client: Krakauer House | Channel: Facebook, YouTube, cinema screening | Production: trailers for 4 editions 2015–18

The challenge

Reach a young audience in Nürnberg and visually connect Cracow with Nürnberg.

The result

Four festival trailers which built an image of Polnische Filmwoche as an important and fun event. Each year they served as Facebook, Youtube and cinema ads for the festival.

What we did


We wrote a new script each year, but it was always based on a metaphor of cultural exchange between Poland and Germany. We used Polish and German symbols to get it across, and placed the story in Cracow and Nürnberg to hook the viewer by showing familiar places, and to ground the festival in their city.


All the trailers used hand drawn animation with elements of computer 2D animation and video. Each year the music was supplied by awesome musicians who previously had concerts in Krakauer House.

We’ve learned how to send the same message each year, but do it always different to the existing fashion in order to keep the festivals audience moving. Doing this trailer once was fun but doing it four times was an exercise of consistency and differentiation at the same time.

Other editions

Polnische Filmwoche 13.

Polnische Filmwoche 11.

Polnische Filmwoche 10.