Kasia Zawieracz "The Journey" – music video

Client: Katarzyna Zawieracz | Channel: YouTube, Facebook | Production: December 2017 – February 2018

The challenge

To create a video for a very personal song, which is a metaphor, not a direct illustration of words.

The result

The film surpassed our most ambitious expectations – people were crying while watching it (especially mothers with grown up children). It’s not an exaggeration, it really happened!

What we did


We based the plot on a real story from the life of the author. The song is dedicated to Magda – the author’s daughter who had just started her grown up life away from home. There music and lyrics are very nostalgic, so video had to be too – it is all about the change in life and what is left from childhood.


In four days we managed to shoot all we needed. We used a natural environment of our subjects – the author’s own house and city. This way we got the warm atmosphere that helped our unprofessional actors to feel safe and act natural.

Editing and color

A lot of artistic touches were added in the editing. Brown, warm colors with red on black and white were the main idea for building this video’s mood.

We’ve learned that even while promoting a product, people are of most importance. Showing the product right is a must but what really does the job is the script and the conditions that allow people to shine.