Jerzy Pilch "Second Journal" – a book trailer | Wydawnictwo Literackie

Client: Wydawnictwo Literackie | Channel: YouTube | Production: November 2013

The challenge

To illustrate an excerpt from the journal and transform it into an attention grabbing, fun animation, which showed the essence of the book.

The result

A trailer that makes people watch it until the end, and helps to sell the book by letting the most juicy part shine through.

What we did

The quote and the script

From quotes delivered by the publisher we decided to choose the one about an Old West gunfighter, as it was nearly screaming: Animate me! The whole script was built around this metaphor of an author as a gunfighter.


It was a very fast paced process this time, due to a very pressing deadline. Our streamlined animation and client cooperation process has worked wonders – the animation was published in 2 weeks!

Sound design

Jan Peszek (a wonderful Polish actor) gave the film the real Wild Western touch. We just followed with the music and sound effects to glue the film together – pure joy!

We’ve learned how unexpectedly joyfull working with the client under extreme time pressure can be. This was no doubt a perfect client! As we exchanged feedback the film was getting better and better.