"A cathedral in my mouth" – educational animation

"The race of the teeth" – educational animation

Client: Medycyna Praktyczna (Practical Medicine) | Channel: www.mp.pl/stomatologia | Production: 2016

The challenge

To transform raw medical knowledge into a series of fun and easy-to-understand animations, helping children and their parents understand basic concepts of dentistry.

The result

Fun to watch animations that make people understand and remember crucial elements of dental knowledge, making them more relaxed and in control when sitting on the dentist’s chair.

What we did


The stories for the animations were co-written by a dentist Agnieszka Kania. Together we were looking for metaphors useful in showing how the teeth are built and how they function. Then we translated those metaphors into fun and surprising film plots, that still managed to stay 100% correct from a dentistic knowledge point of view.


We used hand-drawn animation to get the image which was consistent and fun to watch, but loose enough in order not to overwhelm the viewer with medical details.

Sound design

Designing the sound for those animations was pure joy. The parody of sports commentary and Gregorian Chant paired with sounds of chewing, biting and screaming – this is what we expect from life.

We’ve learned that efficient education can be paired with artistic fulfillment. Working on those animations with Practical Medicine and Agnieszka Kania was a fascinating adventure. For us it was a trip into the land of scientific knowledge. For the client it was wrapping this knowledge in more intuitive and metaphorical thinking.