LiN "Hator" – music video

Client: MagnetOffOn Foundation| Channel: YouTube | Production: March–Maj 2017

The challenge

To make an animated video for a dark and mysterious song, making it even darker and more mysterious.

The result

The film we made supported the values and aesthetics of LiN and is their perfect “business card”. We were nominated for the Best Animated Music Video Award at Yach Film Festival 2017 for this film.

What we did


“The black cat – killer and avenger” – that was all we got from Bartosz Matuszewski, the leader of LiN. It sparked an idea for the story about a dysfunctional family where the anger is accumulating, where parents are monsters for their child. The story is like the music of LiN – dark and ambiguous.

Filming and animation

To get a gloomy atmosphere we’ve built a city model and filmed it in very low key light and a lot of smoke. Onto this environment we layered partly drawn, party cut out characters.

We’ve learned that cooperation with other artists can be pure fun and adventure. We also developed a new animation technique for this film – we will use it more.