Lenovo – Comics Drawing School – web series

Client: Deep Sense (for Lenovo) | Channel: Facebook and YouTube | Production: November 2016

The challenge

To create a video series in which Tomasz Minkiewicz (facebook.com/WILQSUPERBOHATER) teaches beginner comic book authors how to draw and tell their jokes. The series was promoting the newly launched Lenovo Yoga Book tablet – a device with a drawing tablet built in.

The result

A series of useful videos transfering the authors knowledge, still being organically tied to the Lenovo product. Tomasz Minkiewicz’s fans finally got their chance to see him in action, and young comic book authors gained his unique approach to visual jokes. The series had more than 300K views.

What we did

Working with the author

Tomasz is a great draftsman and script writer, but had strong “camera fear”. We have worked out a way for him to look and feel good in front of the camera, and it functioned very well – he managed to deliver all he wanted in a condensed and fun way.


We organised the whole production – studio, lighting, scenography, make-up, cameras. The authors comfort was our main priority, as his performance was the key factor in delivering the content and as a result – showing Lenovo Yoga Book in the best possible way. Our day was 11 hours, for Tomek it was 8 – long, but we managed to shoot the whole 7 episode series in a day!

Editing and graphics

We put together 7 episodes and design graphics for them (adhering to Lenovos’ Corporate Identity Guide). It was a joy to work with this material because the author nailed his performance

We’ve learned that even while promoting a product, people are of most importance. Showing the product right is a must but what really does the job is the script and the conditions that allow people to shine.