EasyDare – animated explainer

Client: EasyDare | Channel: easydare.com and YouTube | Production: April–May 2016

The challenge

To explain how a betting website, without bookies, works (peer-to-peer betting). Additional objectives were to raise trust and sympathy for the site.

The result

An animation that surpassed clients’ primary expectations – explaining the site, but also building trust and sympathy for the service.

What we did

Brief and objective definition

Easydare was a startup – they had a really great idea for the service but little experience in client communications. We helped to define the business objectives for the film and created art directives for the films’ script and visual design. This way we helped to build in trust and sympathy into what was primary aimed to be only a tutorial.


We decided to show a story of a guy using the site to have fun with his peers. The main character was developed to mirror the main customer profile we had for the service. We showed a simplified version of the sites’ design in order to streamline the story, but also to allow for changes to the actual site, which at the time of animating was still under construction.

We’ve learned that even while promoting a product, people are of most importance. Showing the product right is a must but what really does the job is the script and the conditions that allow people to shine.