We are optimists

We know that the harder problem we solve, the bigger competitive advantage it gives you. This way a problem becomes an advantage.


Meet the founder

Maciej Sarna – psychologist and artist. His biggest passion is making sense – for himself and his partners in life and work. An avid advocate for empathy in business – always looking from the client perspective.

His strongest asset is being able to connect business and creative, the measurable with the intangible, and make them drive each other forward. He has worked with well known big brands like Lenovo or Intersnack, but also enjoys working with startups and personal brands.

As a moving picture artist he’s proficient in storytelling, animation, video making, sound, design and typography. This let’s him create unique ideas to empower his clients, and be sure how and when all this can be done.


Our Code of honor

  • Your success is our goal.
  • We look out for your best interests,
    not just to sell what we do.
  • We diagnose before proposing any solutions.
  • We ask questions, we listen carefully.
  • We strive to make your business safe, while being brave enough to succeed.

Oh! Almost forgot: we are friendly :-)


Useful gets shared

We believe that providing real value is the future of marketing. Your communications can be so much more than advertising! You can help your clients already through your messaging: explainer videos, how-to guides, tutorials. Useful content gets shared.


Awesome for you!

Our ambition is helping you grow your business, not to win artistic awards or show off in social media. We do what is strategically best for your brand – awesome looks are supporting the spot-on targeted messaging that brings you clients.


We are moving!

We named our company “Moving Dog” because we move people's minds and we care. We care for you by finding the best ways to get to your clients. And as shepherd dogs – we keep you on track by being direct and open.